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For more than 20 years we have focused on retained executive search and consistently enjoyed serving the nation’s technology, healthcare and food processing industries. JONES PARTNERS has established an outstanding track record delivering cross-functional C-level executives and senior leaders on an exclusive basis. Client companies are often venture- backed and range from start-up to emerging high growth public companies.

The firm is credited with a series of turnarounds where all clients (if not already public) subsequently completed an IPO. Part of JONES PARTNERS’ revenue stream includes serving on acquisition or transition management teams requiring functional and leadership assessment.

Half of JONES PARTNERS' annual revenue continues to reflect a client base beyond the Pacific Northwest. Eighty-nine (89%) percent of the searches completed in the past few years were initiated by clients previously served. A continued focus on assessment and results with the benefit of long-term retention is a defining attribute associated with the firm's success. Client testimonials reflect entire management team searches and a series of engagements over time ......... as business dynamics spur growth, or at the early-stage DNA level.
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