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Vancouver, WA 98666

By design, very basic information is provided about our client opportunities. Our client companies determine the level of visibility affiliated with the management of a search. Detailed and thorough information is provided to serious Applicants (full financial information, product information, corporate histories, biographical data on the officers and the function a new executive would be inheriting) as well as market data. We take serious pride in our client companies and welcome your questions about these opportunities within the scope of our client's preferences for staged confidentiality. Only qualified individuals fitting our client's profile will be contacted for an interview.

Missoula, Montana Area

This is a new position and critical the our client’s early stage, uniquely well-funded company. Qualified applicants will be contacted within 24 hours of resume submission, and will be expected to sign the NDA prior to in-depth interviews. CPA experience and a minimum of five years in corporate growth environments will be expected along with NetSuite competence. The role reports to a seasoned CFO familiar with the business model’s credibility and growth endurance. Must reside in the local area to apply.


This is a global role managing four locations (USA, China, Costa Rica, Taiwan), reporting to the Chief Financial Office based at headquarters in Springville, Utah. Following completion of a Bachelor’s degree, progressive experience in an engineering/manufacturing business model is expected over a minimum of 10 years. Additional requirements include (1) cost accounting expertise, (2) multi-location management with international experience (Mandarin and/or Spanish helpful), (3) hands-on financial modeling supporting business decisions, (4) competence in Excel and implementation of ERP systems, and (5) sustained management of global teams. This is a healthy, growing business supported by an effective values-based culture.


This is a confidential search for an executive accustomed to seasonal harvests and plant processing. With headquarters based in the Willamette Valley, we require a minimum of 15 years of applicable experience managing cross-functional operations with accountability for the P&L. Reports to CEO. B.S. degree required. Qualified applicants will be contacted within 48 hours.

Portland, Oregon

Our long-term growth client continues to be on the forefront of strategic vision combined with product offerings serving the education sector. This is an Executive-level role impacting near-term platform technologies that enable scalable, high performance, interoperable and secure SaaS delivery. Future incorporation of an emerging computing roadmap will be expected while serving in a visible external strategic capacity and championing the portfolio of product offerings. The legacy web-based platform currently delivers 70M (basic) computer adaptive test events annually. This executive can reside in Portland or travel from a remote location. Qualified applicants will be contacted within 48 hours and supplied a client job description.
Your resume is welcomed for consideration in a current search or for future consideration. Only qualified individuals fitting our client's profile will be contacted for an interview.

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