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Our business model and exclusive high tech focus has remained consistent for more than 20 years. The model reflects Pamela's operating background beginning in Chicago that migrated to consulting with a major public accounting firm on the West Coast. She led a critical founding role at Lattice Semiconductor and served on the executive team. Her promise to the executives was "75% of the people allowed in the door for a first interview will become employees". The promise was consistently delivered.

In founding JONES PARTNERS in 1985, the area's leading venture capital group partnered with Pamela while she served their portfolio of companies exclusively. Initial products included semiconductors, test and measurement systems and embedded systems software. The firm expanded to include voice computing systems, speech recognition, digital watermarking, along with content management, neural net, and embedded connectivity software as well as sophisticated IT enterprise solutions - all reflecting proprietary (normally patented) technologies. In the past five years, we complemented the technology and healthcare practices to include agriculture/food processing clients with proprietary products and manufacturing processes.

JONES PARTNERS leverages a proprietary database of executives and their current career preferences.
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